Skate Lessons


Celebrating National Roller Skating Month     

Skate Lessons Every Saturday Morning 


No Reservation Neccessary in October - All Ages are Welcome! We break up in groups based upon skill level.

  • $15.00 per person (Children & Adults) Includes: Admission, Skate Rental, Lesson and 11:00am-1:00pm session
  • Skate Mates are $5.00
  • We have Fisher Price Skates available!
  • Wrist Guards available, Free of Charge!

We have 4 Levels to build your Roller Skating Skills:

  • Level 1 Focuses on Marching, Duck Walk, Falling & getting up Safely, Push 'n Glide, Scissors.
  • Level 2 Is an introdcution to Parallel Turns, Crossovers, One Foot, T Stop, Plow Stow & Backward Scissors
  • Level 3 Works on Forward & Backwards Scissors, One foot slalom, Shoot-the-duck, Backwards cross overs, Spread Eagle, Mohawk transition & two foot inside spins
  • Level 4 Is an introduction to Jam Skating! Basic Hexing, Sideways walk, Standing splits, Hurricane kick, Toe Jam & Grapevine.

Adult Only:T

We have a self-paced, individualized track for Adults only. Learn to skate for the first time, remember to skate again or continue to progress with your roller skating!



Get to know our Skate Lesson Instructors!


Lisa was an avid skater as a kid, both roller skating and ice skating.  She returned to skating 20 some years later with husband Rob.  Lisa enjoyed the Learn to Skate program at Skate Zone 71 and was honored to take the program over in October 2013.  Lisa volunteer Coaches for Columbus’ first Juniors Roller Derby team.  She has completed the WFTDA Officiating Clinic for Skating Officials and is a current Boy Scout’s Skating Merit Badge Counselor.





Skating, particularly ice hockey was just what you did as a kid.  It wasn’t organized sports, they just skated on whatever froze over that winter.  Rob is another example that adults can return to skating years or even decades later.  If you enjoyed skating as a kid, come back to enjoy skating with your children and grandchildren.  Rob has been instructing with the Learn to Skate program since October 2013.  Volunteer Referee for Columbus’ first Juniors Roller Debry team, traveling to help out with officiating both Junior and Women’s teams in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania.  Completed the WFTDA Officiating Clinic for Skating Officials.  Current Boy Scout’s Skating Merit Badge Counselor.



Ty'Shon has been Roller skating for 8 Years.  And sharing the joy of skating through Teaching Roller skating for 7 years.  No one has been with the Learn to Skate program longer than Ty’Shon.  He has taught every single level on the Learn to Skate program and most currently has been working with the Adults only class.  “I'm always open to new students and learning new roller skating skills.”





Anne has been skating since her childhood. Anne and her brother were artistic dance and figure skaters through their teens. Anne got back into skating when she wanted to show her son, Simon how much fun it is. Anne loves meeting people and teaching them that life is more fun on eight wheels.







Simon is the youngest member of our team. He and Anne joined the Learn to Skate instructor team in January 2015. He loves to skate and has recently discovered artistic skating, both dance and free style. Simon enjoys teaching all levels and all ages.







Keagan loves to roller skate and you can find her after class on the skate floor grooving to the music! She started as a Learn to skate student and worked her way through the levels, eventually becoming a Learn to Skate instructor.  She discovered roller derby and has started training as a roller derby referee and works with both Jr. and adult roller derby.




Previous Instructors

Previous instructors Tiffany, Ashlinn, and Jonathan.  Ashlinn is away at college, Johnathan is pursuing career opportunities and Tiffany is breaking track and field records.  While they are not able to join us every week, they remain part of our reserve staff and fill in as necessary.