Our HUGELY Popular STEM Field Trip Program is NOW Available ONLINE!

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math - Education and Fun... All Rolled Into One! 

Your child can now learn how STEM can be found in everything they do... including the sports they love! STEM in football? STEM in soccer? STEM in basketball? STEM in volleyball? STEM in Roller Derby? Get your children more engaged in STEM by allowing them to relate STEM concepts with the sports they love! The program is engaging, fun and has hands-on activities for the children to participate in. Once completed, your child can even send in his/her sheets via email to receive personalized feedback from our STEM educator, just like in school! Also, for ONLY $4.99, you are supporting our SMALL BUSINESS that is working hard to navigate these challenging times that we are currently in. Lessons are currently available for grades 1-5! CLICK HERE to see our STEM online learning platform https://bit.ly/STEM-online
You are supporting our small business with each purchase

Each course is ONLY $4.99
or you can purchase TWO courses for ONLY $8.99