Today’s Skating Schedule:

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Click Here to Fill Out Your Adult Waiver Card for ages 18 and older only 

Way Back Wednesday's 

7pm - 10pm


$8.50 admission

$3.00 Spectator Fee non-skating chaperones 18+

$4.50 Regular Skate Rental $5.00 Rollerblade Rental

Upcoming Special Events

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday May 27, 2022- Monday May 30, 2022 

Friday 6pm-8:30pm Family Skate Night $9.50 Admission

Saturday 10am-12:30pm Kidz Pop Skate $9.50 Admission (Free Skatemate with paid admission)

Saturday 1pm-3:30pm Public Skate $9.50 Admission

Saturday 4pm-6:30pm Public Skate $9.50 Admission

Saturday 7pm-9:30pm Hip Hop Saturday Night $10.50 Admission                                                ($25 for children without adult chaperone)

Sunday 1pm-3:30pm Sunday Retro Skate $9.50 Admission

Sunday 4pm-6:30pm Sunday Retro Skate $9.50 Admission

Sunday 7pm-10:30pm Flashback Sunday Adult Night $10 Admission (Ages 18+ Only)

Monday 10am-5pm Memorial Day Skate $9.50 Admission

Monday 6pm-8:30pm $5 Monday $5.00 Admission

Skate Rental $4.50   Rollerblade Rental $5.00     Skatemate Rental $5.00


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