Summer Break Group Discounts

Join us for a FUN FILLED week of Summer Break Sessions! Amazing discounts available for groups! Day Cares, Churches, Boys & Girls Clubs and MORE! 

Just call us at 614-239-7202 to reserve today! Advance Reservations are required!


Rainy Day & Heat Waves! Save the day!

Are you anticipating Rain or High Heat on a day you have a planned outdoor field trip?


We take last minute group reservations in the summer when you get rained out or have extreme temperatures!

Just call 614-239-7202 to book!



Fundraisers for Groups 

Fundraisers may be held during any family session with our Dedication Rebate program.  Private parties for very large groups can be fundraisers too.

Have a Fun Skating party and raise money too!

* Discounted admission price - your group receives 50% of your group's paid admissions

* USA will provide posters and Pass Master (Passes may NOT be distributed on rink property)

* Deposit may be required

Call 614-239-7202 to Reserve your Fundraiser!