Uptown Radio Skate "Date" Night

Uptown Radio Skate "Date" Night 

Thursday, April 15th 8pm-12am 

* $10.00 per person with own skates 

* $15.00 per person with rental skates

* Featuring R&B music

* Limited Capacity

* Wear a Mask 

Tickets -> Eventbrite 


Admission: $10.00 with own skates

Skate Rental: $15.00 with rentals/spectators

Purchase Tickets on Eventbrite

Friday Adult Skate 7p-11p

Friday Adult Skate 

Friday, April 16th


* Wear a Mask 

* Temperature taken 

* Limited Capacity 


Admission: $10.00 with own skates

Skate Rental: $15.00 Spectators/Rental Skates

Ice Cream Social April 22nd

Thursday,  April 22nd 

Ice Cream Social  


$5.00 admission

$3.50 skate rental 

* FREE Ice Cream sandwich per child 

* Wear a Mask 


Admission: $5.00 per person

Skate Rental: $3.50 Rental Skates

Friday Adult Skate

Adult Night Skate featuring DJ Aziz


Friday, April 23, 2021 

$10.00 Admission 

$15.00 Rental Skates

* Temperature taken at the door 

* Mask required 


Admission: $10.00

Skate Rental: $15.00 rental skates/Spectators

Friday Adult Skate

Friday Adult Skate

Friday, April 30th, 2021


featuring DJ Legaci 

$10.00 Admission with own skates 

$15.00 Admission with Skate rental / Spectators


Admission: $10.00

Skate Rental: $15.00

Friday OLD School Adult Skate

1st Friday Adult OLD School Skate 

May 7, 2021 

7:00pm to 10:30pm 

$10.00 Admission 

$15.00 Skate rental/Spectators 

  • Wear a Mask in the building and relaxing on the sidelines 
  • Mask is required while skating 
  • Temperatures taken upon entry 


Admission: $10.00 Admission

Skate Rental: $15.00 Skate Rental/Spectators

Closed for Maintenance

Closed for Maintenance

Sunday, May 9th and Monday, May 10th, 2021

Re-Open Tuesday, May 11th  6:30pm-9pm 

$5.00 Admission 

$3.50 Skate Rental 


Admission: $5.00

Skate Rental: $3.50

Memorial Weekend GLOW Skate

GLOW Skate..Memorial Weekend 

Sunday, May 30th 


$10.00 includes admission and skate rental 

Buy a Glow stick only $1.00

Stop by Stuff shop for other glow products 

Admission: $10.00

Skate Rental: included

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Skate 

Monday, May 31, 2021

Two sessions to choose from:




* Family skate 

* Get together 

* Schedule a Birthday Party 

$5.00 Admission 

$3.50 Skate rental 


Admission: $5.00

Skate Rental: $3.50

All guests entering the building are charged admission

Monday Family Night ROLL

Monday Family Night Roll

Every Monday Night featuring DJ Reef


Admission $5.00

Skate rental $3.50

* Limited Capacity 

* Pay at the door, Get here early 

* Family Session....Parents Stay with your kids, No dropoffs


PLUS you can enjoy our Family Meal Special :

Delicious "Hot"16 inch pizza, Pitcher of your favorite drink and 20 Tokens for only $23.95   

* add on the Special at the admission window



Admission: $5.00

Skate Rental: $3.50

Tuesday night ROLL by DJ Lil Redd

Tuesday Night Family Skate

  "All GAS, No Breaks" 

Music by DJ Lil Redd  

Every Tuesday Night  


Only $5.00  Admission

$3.50 Skate rental 

* Parents stay with your kids, No dropoffs 

* Limited Capacity according to NJ State Regulations 

*Family fun skating session 

*Schedule a Birthday party with us!

Call 856-757-9460 to Book a Birthday party!


Admission: $5.00

Skate Rental: $3.50

Wednesday Adult Night Skating

Wednesday Adult  Night Skate

Every Wednesday night 


Featuring DJ Jammin and DJ Ed

* ROLLING to your favorite Hip Hop and R&B music 

* Limited Capacity 

* $10 with OWN skates 

* $15 Limited Rental skates/Spectators 

* Wednesday Adult skate is designated to the Advanced, Experienced skaters 

* Must purchase Tickets in advance on Eventbrite....No payments at the door 


Admission: $10.00 per person with own skates

Skate Rental: $15 with rental skates/Spectators

Wednesday Affordable Family Fun

 Every Wednesday 


Get your ROLL on to your Favorite Hip Hop and R&B music ​

* Delicious Cafe' Specials 

* Family Fun for everyone

* Schedule a Birthday party

  ONLY $2.00 Admission, Skate Rental $3.50




Admission: $2.00

Skate Rental: $3.50

$2 Fridays Family Skate

$2 Friday Family Skate 


skate rental $3.50

* Book a Birthday party

* Family Get together

Admission: $2.00

Skate Rental: $3.50

Skating Lessons

Skating Lessons

Every Saturday Morning 

Only $5.00 per person 


Admission: $5.00 per person

Skate Rental: included