Friday Adult Skate Night

Friday Adult Skate 

January 29, 2021 

7:00pm to 11:00pm 

$10.00 Admission 

$15.00 Skate rental/Spectators 

  • Wear a Mask in the building and relaxing on the sidelines 
  • Mask is required while skating 
  • Temperatures taken upon entry

Admission: $10.00 Admission

Skate Rental: $15.00 Skate Rental/Spectators

Line Dancing

The Party Pleasers presents Line Dancing  

featuring DJ CandyGirl and DJ CaptainMidnite

  * $15.00 Admission

  * Adult Line Dancing FUN 

  * Wear a Mask 

  * Temperatures taken 

  * Sunday, January 31st   11am-2pm 


Admission: $15.00

Skate Rental: Non-Skating event

Everyone entering the building is charged Admission, all the adults and children age 3 and over

1st Wednesday Adult Night Skate

Wednesday,  February 3rd


Adult Night Skate featuring DJ Jammin and DJ AyeBoogie  

* Purchase tickets on Eventbrite 

* Must have OWN skates for entry 

* No Rentals 

* Session is designated to Advanced, Experienced skaters

Admission: $10.00 with own skates

Skate Rental: Not available

1st Friday Old School Skate

1st Friday Old School Adult  Skate 

Friday, February 5th


Get your ROLL on to Old School Hip Hop and R&B 

* Advance Tickets are required...purchase on

* Mask required upon entry and while on the sidelines

* Mask not required while skating

* Temperature taken 

* Limited guest count according to NJ State Regulations

* $10 Admission with own skates

$15 Admission with rental skates


Admission: $10

Skate Rental: $15.00 Spectators/Rental Skates

1st Friday Late Skate 11pm

1st Friday Late Skate 

February 5th, 2021 


Music Provided by DJ T-Nice

Only $10.00 Admission with own skates 

Only $15.00 Admission with rental skates or Spectators 

* Limited Capacity 

* Purchase Ticket on Eventbrite 

Call NOW to Book your Birthday Party With Us (856)757-9460

Admission: $10.00 with own skates

Skate Rental: $15.00 with Rental skates / Spectators

Andrea's Memorial Skate

Andrea's  Memorial Skate

Saturday, February 6th 


* Pay at the door (No advance tickets)

* $15.00 per person

* Limited Capacity

* Wear a Mask 

* Exclusive Invite for Andrea family, friends and skate family 


Admission: $15.00

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday 

Sunday, February 7, 2021


$6.50 Admission

$3.50 Skate rental 

* Perfect day for a Birthday party 

* Enjoy Lunch with us....Only $23.95 Whole pizza, Pitcher and 20 Game Tokens

Admission: $6.50

Skate Rental: $3.50

All guests, adults and chidren entering the building is charged the posted admission price

Uptown's 98.5fm Skate "Date" Night

Uptown Radio 98.5fm WJYN Adult Skate "Date" Night  

Thursday, February 11, 2021


featuring R&B Music by local artists

Purchase Tickets on Eventbrite:

$10 with own skates 

$15.00 for Rental skates/Spectators

Admission: $10.00 with own skates

Skate Rental: $15.00 Spectators/Rental Skates

All guests entering the building is charged admission

Adult Traffic Light Skate

Traffic Light Adult Skate

Saturday,  February 13th 11pm-3am  

* Tickets -> Eventbrite 

* Skating to your favorite Music

* Adult FUN -> Roller Skating 

* featuring ATL's own DJ Blaq Label  

* Wear RED -> Taken

* Wear Yellow -> Maybe

* Wear Green -> Single​

Admission: $12.00

Skate Rental: $17.00 Spectators/Rental Skates

Valentine's Weekend Skate

Valentine's Weekend Roller Skating Fun 2021 

Check out the flyer for all the dates and times  

Admission: Price varies per session

Skate Rental: $3.50

Valentine's Day Family Skate

Valentine's Day Skate 

Sunday, February 14th, 2021


$6.50 Admission 

$3.50 Skate rental  

* Wear RED and don't forget your Mask 

* Family FUN day   :-) 


Admission: $6.50

Skate Rental: $3.50

PLUS you can enjoy our Family Meal Special : Delicious ; Hot 16 inch pizza, Pitcher of your favorite drink and 20 Tokens for only $23.95 * add on the Special at the admission window

Valentine's GLOW Skate

Valentine's Night GLOW Skate 

Sunday, February 14th 


$10.00 per person includes admission, skate rental and glow stick 

* Stop by the Stuff shop for more glow products

* Wear a Mask

* Wear RED

* Perfect date Night  :-)




Admission: $10.00

Skate Rental: included

President's Day Family Skates

President's  Day  Family Skates

Monday,  February 15th, 2021






$5.00 Admission 

$3.50 Rental Skates


* Temperature taken at the door 

* Mask required 


Admission: $5.00

Skate Rental: $3.50 rental skates

Thin Line R&B Adult Skate

A Thin Line between LOVE and Skate

Adult skate party presented by Smooth Rolling Tribe

Thursday, February 18, 2021


featuring DJ Jammin playing R&B Music 

Tickets -> Eventbrite




Admission: $22.00

Skate Rental: included

All guests must have an Advanced Ticket

All Gas No Brakes Adult Skate

Saturday,  February 20th, 2021   


featuring DJ Vez and DJ Dream

 $12.00 Must have OWN personal skates

* Advanced, Experienced Roller Skaters 

* $17.00 for Skate Rentals/Spectators 

* Schedule an Adult Birthday Party with Us! Call (856)757-9460 

Admission: $12.00 with own personal skates

Skate Rental: $17.00 Spectators/Rental Skates

True Skater Weekend

True Skate Weekend -> East Coast Edition 

Friday,  March 5th 


Featuring DJ T-Nice 

$10.00 Admission 

$15.00 Rental Skates/Spectators


Saturday,  March 6th 

True Skater Adult Skate Party 


$12.00 admission with OWN skates

  • DJ Jammin
  • DJ Nile 

$17 with Rental Skates/Spectator

* Limited Capacity 

* Wear a Mask

Admission: Friday $10.00 and Saturday $12.00

Skate Rental: $5.00 Spectators/Rental Skates

All guests entering the building are charged admission

ROLLING in 2021 "Spring Bling"

Wali presents ROLLING in 2021

" Spring Bling"

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

11pm-3am   Wali's Adult Night Skate 

                  * $12 with own skates

                  * $17 with rental skates/Spectators

                  * Purchase Advance Tickets from Eventbrite



Admission: $12 with own skates

Skate Rental: $17.00 Spectators/Rental Skates

Monday Family Night ROLL

Monday Family Night Roll

Every Monday Night featuring DJ Reef


Admission $5.00

Skate rental $3.50

* Limited Capacity 

* Pay at the door, Get here early 

* Family Session....Parents Stay with your kids, No dropoffs


PLUS you can enjoy our Family Meal Special :

Delicious "Hot"16 inch pizza, Pitcher of your favorite drink and 20 Tokens for only $23.95   

* add on the Special at the admission window



Admission: $5.00

Skate Rental: $3.50

Tuesday night ROLL by DJ Lil Redd

Tuesday Night Family Skate

  "All GAS, No Breaks" 

Music by DJ Lil Redd  

Every Tuesday Night  


Only $5.00  Admission

$3.50 Skate rental 

* Parents stay with your kids, No dropoffs 

* Limited Capacity according to NJ State Regulations 

*Family fun skating session 

*Schedule a Birthday party with us!

Call 856-757-9460 to Book a Birthday party!


Admission: $5.00

Skate Rental: $3.50

Wednesday Adult Night Skating

Wednesday Adult  Night Skate

Every Wednesday night 


Featuring DJ Jammin and DJ Ed

* ROLLING to your favorite Hip Hop and R&B music 

* Limited Capacity 

* $10 with OWN skates 

* $15 Limited Rental skates/Spectators 

* Wednesday Adult skate is designated to the Advanced, Experienced skaters 

* Must purchase Tickets in advance on Eventbrite....No payments at the door 


Admission: $10.00 per person with own skates

Skate Rental: $15 with rental skates/Spectators

Wednesday Affordable Family Fun

 Every Wednesday 


Get your ROLL on to your Favorite Hip Hop and R&B music ​

* Delicious Cafe' Specials 

* Family Fun for everyone

* Schedule a Birthday party

  ONLY $2.00 Admission, Skate Rental $3.50




Admission: $2.00

Skate Rental: $3.50

Skating Lessons

Skating Lessons

Every Saturday Morning 

until  April 24, 2021

Only $5.00 per person 


Admission: $5.00 per person

Skate Rental: included