End of School Year Field Trips

5 Great Reasons for a Fun Skating Field Trip!

  1. Back to School Field Trips
  2. Reward Perfect Attendance & Good Behavior
  3. Reward Great Grades
  4. Promote Fitness While Having Fun
  5. Celebrate the Completion of Another Great Year!

Fun! Affordable! Healthy! Educational!


Private Field trips for your school! As low as just $6.00 per person for Admission & Skate Rental!

Book today before our dates fill up! We are ALREADY Limited on Dates for the end of the 2018-2019 school year!
Call 313-381-7465 to speak with Natalie or e-mail her at nshirvanian@usa-skating.com


Good Friday Skate

Friday, April 19

12:00-3:00pm • Top 40 pop Family Skate

  • $1.00 Admission (Savings of $6.00 per person)
  • $4.00 Skate Rental
  • $5.50 Roller Blades

School's out, come skate!

80's vs. 90's Family Night

Saturday, April 20

7:00-10:00pm Family Skate

Enjoy with evening with family and friends skating the best 80's & 90's hits!

Admission: $7.00

Skate Rental: $4.00

Rollerblade Rental: $5.50

Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 21


Join us for the best and biggest Easter Sunday party around!

Meet & Greet with the Easter Bunny & the Trolls: Poppy & Branch!

$10.00 per person includes: Admission, Skate Rental, 1 slice of cheese pizza and small drink



Rollerblade Rental: $2.00 Extra

Half Price Night

Saturday, April 27

7:00-10:00pm Family Skate - All Ages Welcome!

Admission is 50% off just this ONE NIGHT!

Admission: $3.50

Skate Rental: $4.00

Rollerblade Rental: $5.50

Ink Pen Skate

Sunday, April 28

2 GREAT Family Sessions!

12:00-2:30pm or 3:00-5:30pm

  • Child Admission is FREE with an Ink Pen
  • Adult Admission is $2.00 with an Ink Pen
  • Skate Rental is $4.00, Roller Blades $5.50


FREE Lunch Skate

Saturday, May 4

12:00-2:30pm Family Skate

  • $7.00 per person includes: Admission and a FREE Slice of Cheese Pizza and Small Drink
  • Skate Rental is $4.00, Roller Blades $5.50

Bring the whole family for some family fun!


Trolls Pizza Skate Party

Saturday, May 18

7:00-10:00pm Family Skate - All Ages Welcome!

  • Come Meet Poppy & Branch! Bring your cameras!
  • $1.00 Cheese Pizza Slices ALL NIGHT!


Admission: $7.00

Skate Rental: $4.00

Rollerblade Rental: $5.50

Sports Teams Skate Free

Join us for Sports Teams Skate FREE in April & May!

  • Book your Sports teams event at Lincoln Park Skating Center!
  • Free Admission for any family/Public Session in  April or May!

Call today, 313-381-7465 or E-Mail Natalie at NShirvanian@usa-skating.com! Sessions fill up QUICK! Advance Reservations are required!

Admission: FREE!

Skate Rental: $4.00

Rollerblade Rental: $5.50

Scouts Skate FREE

In the Month of April!

Join us for one of the following sessions for FREE Admission!

Skate Rental is additional

  • Mondays - 6:00-8:00pm
  • Saturdays - 12:00-2:30pm, 3:00-6:00pm or 7:00-10:00pm
  • Sundays - 12:00-2:30pm or 3:00-5:30pm


Advance Reservations Required! Just call us at 313-381-7465    Spots fill up FAST!

Skate Rental: $4.00

Rollerblade Rental: $5.50

Monday Nights $1.00 Skate

Every Monday! Admission is just $1.00!

6:00-8:00pm Family Skate

Savings of $6.00 per person!

Admission: $1.00

Skate Rental: $4.00

Rollerblade Rental: $5.50

FREE Dinner Friday

EVERY Friday


Join us EVERY Friday for a FREE Slice of Cheese Pizza and Drink, with $8.00 admission and skate rental!

Admission: $8.00

Skate Rental: Included

Rollerblade Rental: $2 Extra

Saturday Family Nights

Every Saturday is Family Night Skate! • Bring the whole family!


All ages welcome, so spend the evening with us Roller Skating, playing games and enjoying our full cafe!

Just $18.00 for 1 large cheese pizza and pitcher

Admission: $7.00

Skate Rental: $4.00

Rollerblade Rental: $5.50

After Prom Skate Parties

After Prom Made Easy!

Sell tickets for $25 per person

Includes: Admission, Skate Rental, Professional DJ, Roller Skating, Unlimited Food, Drink & Dessert!

NOW BOOKING! - Pick your late night time right after your prom event! Just call today! 313-381-7465


Summer Nights $1.00 Roller Skating

Beginning June 3 • Every Monday & Wednesday Nights!

6:00-9:00pm Family Skate

  • Admission is ONLY $1.00
  • Skate Rental $4.00
  • Roller Blades $5.50
  • Skate Mates $5.00

All Ages welcome, bring your friends & family!

Enjoy our full cafe & have dinner with us!